Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Windows 2007

The long awaited and much anticipated (you were anticipating them, weren't you?) H Windows are now in place, bringing the lovely Iowa countryside into the Yum Yum Farm house. This view is taken from the southwest, looking up to the dining porch, bedroom, bathroom, stairwell, and, up above, the loft. Despite the many lovely, sunny pictures we've posted, it's actually a muddy mess around here. In fact, the lower level windows are now in place, but it's raining like's raining a lot right now, so we'll have to take and post those pictures later. We're grateful that our home is based on a "lakeside cabin", which it may be if this weather pattern persists. In all seriousness, we could not be happier with these windows, and the way in which they bring outside in, and lend an expansive feel to the modest footprint of our home (way to go John!). The placement of the south dining porch windows will allow substantial sunlight to warm the living space in the bitterly cold Iowa winter months, but, as you can see, minimize the amount of direct sunlight during the dog days of summer. Woof woof.

This is the view from the dining porch, looking to the southeast. Ours are awning-type windows, which open out from the bottom, pivoting at the top. The larger panes on top are stationary, so they don't have screens--a deliberate decision which permits a (nearly) unobstructed view to the valley and bluff beyond. This location can be very breezy, so the lower opening windows permit sufficient, but controlled airflow into the house.

Although these two professionals are making it look easy, they're hoisting a window into place that weighs something north of 400 pounds. These are the framing subcontractors who've returned to install the fenestration (yes! I've been waiting to use that word!). Jensen-Sedlacek construction from Parnell, a suburb of Williamsburg (stop laughing--I could've said it's a suburb of North English) did a superior job framing the Yum Yum Farm house, and we're very happy the Amelons chose them for our project. Nice job!

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