Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Future Farmers of America?

Anna gets a laugh at someone's expense. Our niece is enjoying her first visit to the Yum Yum Farm house, and certainly appears to be enjoying herself. If she laughs much harder, she may fall backwards onto the partial wall where the large sliding glass doors will stack up when the dining porch is open, and the media cart will be located. Late afternoon sun is flooding the dining porch behind her.

Our Ohio relatives enjoy a picnic dinner on the east side of Yum Yum Farm. Our rainfall is unusually high this year, and the corn seems to be very happy. From left, Greg, the author, Maddie, Anna (dressed more comfortably now), and Brooke smile for the camera. They have contributed the beautiful pedestal bathtub that will reside in the lower level bathroom, that appeared in an earlier post. FYI--our skin is not actually the color of Oompah Loompahs. It was a colorful sunset reflecting on our faces.

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