Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is water coming out of a hose. Big deal you say? Darn right it's a big deal! While our well was completed last year, and set up for temporary use at that time, we've not been able to access our free water until now. Our pressure tank is now in place, and we are ready to have the necessary water treatment equipment installed. The University of Iowa Hygienic Lab tested our water for E. coli, fecal coliform bacteria, and nitrate levels, and all were within acceptable levels. In fact, there was no trace of any of these undesirable things. Further testing by water purification businesses revealed that our water is hard, which means we'll need to don helmets while showering. Just kidding. It means there's a fair amount of lime (like limeSTONE, not the kind in your bottle of Corona), and a small amount of iron, which means we'll have a softener, and a reverse osmosis (this is where I get lost) system to keep deposits from forming on our plumbing fixtures, and to make it taste good. The good news is that the water doesn't have a sulfur smell or taste, and the flow is strong. Stop by for a drink!
We're all decked out! Deck the halls! On deck--our new deck! These are all stupid ideas I had for titles of this post, which is why they didn't get used. If you have any ideas, I'll revise the post. In any case, this is the east deck and sliding door off of the living room that we've been so anxiously awaiting. We anticipate spending a lot of time here--coffee in the morning, contemplative moments for lunch, and stargazing at night. This deck is sheltered from the prevailing winds by the house, and affords a beautiful view to the south and east. We'll be enjoying soothing music from exterior speakers concealed in the overhang over the sliding doors.

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