Friday, August 10, 2007

The Comforts of Home

We were pleased to see that this shiny new water heater has the highest energy efficiency in its class (if that's the right way to put it). Ours is an electric water heater, which is good, because one of our mid-term goals is to add a wind turbine, which generates electricity, not LPG. The various PVC pipes you see serve a few different purposes. At the top left are the venting pipes that connect to the furnace, and, I think, have something to do with venting exhaust fumes, and bringing fresh air into the house. I'm not quite certain how this happens. At the top right are drain pipes from the upstairs bathroom and kitchen. There is also one in there somewhere that vents radon gas out of the house. Whatever.

This is the north wall of the main floor bathroom, located directly above the previous picture. The small, flexible pipes (or tubing) are the means by which water is transported these days. On the far left, they will be supplying water to the shower, and to the right, they'll feed the big old sink shown in a prior post. The small white circle in the floor is the location to which the toilet will attach. We're hoping the plans will ultimately make this room a bit more private than it is now. The stairwell to the basement is visible through the wall framing.
Calgon, take me away! We have lived for some time without a bathtub, so we are especially thrilled to be including two in the Yum Yum Farm house. This is the Zuma tub in the main bathroom. It may not be clear in this photo, but this is deep enough to drown in. The bright spot to the right is, you guessed it, a window, looking to the west. Pardon me, but I'm starting to daydream--about a long hot soak on a chilly autumn night...

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