Thursday, August 9, 2007

Norm Abram, Eat Your Heart Out!

Dan from Heartland Custom Woodworking shows off the kitchen island in progress in his workshop. Dan does beautiful work, and is in the midst of creating all of the cabinets, closets, etc., that will provide storage space in the Yum Yum Farm house. If you Google "Heartland Custom Woodworking", you'll find contact information. We are delighted with his craftsmanship, and his embracing our use of different materials and styles. Needless to say, he has our highest recommendation!
Remember the earlier post "Hunt for Red Finn Form"? This is one of the locations where the Finn Form is being used. This is a side view of the entry hall closet, which will be located just inside the main entrance. The visible side here will be against the north wall, and the open area below will have a rolling cart to sit on when removing shoes or boots, and it will open to contain gloves, scarves, and the like.

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