Monday, October 29, 2007

Southern Accents

The influence of the Yum Yum Farm House has spread far and wide, as evidenced by this structure at the wonderful Museum of Appalachia, in Norris, Tennessee. But seriously, this is a good example of how the house mimics a traditional shape found on farmsteads throughout the country. What were we doing in eastern Tennessee, you ask? Well, thanks for asking! Joanna's aunt Wanda, who resides in nearby Clinton, Tennessee, many years ago came into possession of three pieces of furniture that originally belonged to her (Joanna's) great grandparents. Turns out aunt Wanda and uncle Bob are moving, and didn't have a good spot for the lovely old pieces. So, Yum Yum Farmers to the rescue! Not only did we have a wonderful visit with Wanda, Bob, and Joanna's cousin Paige (remember the earlier post: "This House is Soooo Rad!"), but we now have a comfy chair, rocker, and loveseat with more than a century of history in the family! You'll see them in future posts. We can't wait for our beloved hosts to visit us and the heirloom furnishings in the Yum Yum Farm house, which is now in its final stages of construction.

How could I forget? Watching cautiously as the furniture is removed from the house is the newest member of the family, Barney. The entirety of our family has a weakness for felines, and we are honored to celebrate his arrival! Since the kitties in our family don't travel very well, this is probably the closest he'll get to a visit to the Yum Yum Farm. Welcome to the family Barney!

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