Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh Cedar!

We put this picture first so you can click on and enlarge it. This is the cedar lap siding being applied to the kitchen "bump out" on the northeast corner of the Yum Yum Farm house. If you zoom in you'll notice that the siding is precisely mitered at the corner, rather than having a trim piece to finish it off. This takes great care and precision, and yields a really cool horizontal wrap around effect. The framers (Jensen-Sedlacek, from Parnell--you remember, the suburb of North English and Williamsburg) are carefully completing this work. The portion of the dining porch below the windows will be covered in the same manner. Go ahead and zoom in, and you'll see faint red lines on the Tyvek above the cedar. Our craftsmen have carefully measured and snapped chalk lines for each and every board for precise placement. We're not worthy!
Bienvenido a la casa de Yum Yum! Here's the long awaited front door, a lovely maple surrounded by side and top glass "lights". This is a Dutch door, or as I call it, a Mr. Ed door. Notice the seam across its midsection. This is one of those 2-section doors that will allow us to open the top while the bottom remains closed, so Mr. Ed can stick his head in and report on the goings-on-about-the-farm. Another mix of modern and traditional!

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