Monday, July 2, 2007

Lofty Plans

Now this is getting interesting. This protruding element on top of the framing is the part of the loft that cantilevers over the living room. This is the perch from which Joanna will keep watch over Yum Yum Valley, and formulate brilliant marketing plans for all of the wonderful products from Kalona Organics. This photo looks southwest and shows the loft hovering over the bedroom and bathroom. Between the two is a small alcove that will house a custom made cabinet for our towels and linens and things.

This is the view that one will see upon reaching the top of the stairs, coming up from the basement. This is the kitchen window, looking east into the valley. The kitchen sink will be right below this window. Note the engineered lumber used as studs in this area. Comments?

This view is looking north from the dining/sleeping porch into the bedroom. Note the framing for the loft floor overhead. This will remain exposed, and will be a sort of canopy over the bed. Lighting will be mounted to the face of the loft, which is at the top of this photo.

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