Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gimme Shelter

This is really starting to take shape. The roof joists have been placed on the south elevation, and the trusses cover the dining porch. This photo creates the impression that the 3 joists on the left are supporting the rest of the roof. In fact, there is a very large ridge beam, supported by the structure above and below the window openings on the top (loft) level. This beam was featured in a previous post. It appears to be very heavy. We ate breakfast on it.

Here's an interesting detail of the window on the east elevation that will sit above the living room. While we had a great deal of trust and respect for the individuals involved in the design of this dwelling in the conceptual stages, each phase of construction awes us with the knowledge, creativity, and intelligence involved in putting this project together. Kudos to John, Curt, and everyone else involved!
This stage is really fun from a photography standpoint. We could continue posting cool pictures of framing and shadows ad nauseum, but we'll leave it at this! The photo below shows that there will be a flat ceiling above the dining porch, which will continue into the living area for a short distance. This is a feature that draws the gaze out toward the view, and, when going inside, adds drama to the high space in the main living area. This is a Frank Lloyd Wright kind of thing. For those of you who've visited Wright's Cedar Rock, the feeling entering the Garden Room was very inspiring to us. If you don't know Cedar Rock, Google it, or ask us to take you there!

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