Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'd Like to Thank...

Twenty years ago, the young man on the right conducted what has turned out to be the most important job interview of my life. It went something like: "You like to mow lawns? You like to work hard? Can you start this afternoon?"

Twenty years later, Dean and his mom enjoy a warm, sunny afternoon on the entry porch. Both have been great resources for us as we've developed Yum Yum Farm, and become familiar with the community in which Joanna works, and we are about to live. Dean graduated from the local high school, which can be seen way off in the distance to the east (not in this picture though). We owe so much to the generosity of this family, and continue to learn so much from them. Can't wait to have them over for dinner, which will be served in the lovely room with a view at the top center of the photo.

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