Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fields of Opportunities

Here we are enjoying a picnic dinner at Yum Yum Farm with our dear friends Anne and Bishop. We are saddened that they are moving to the Puget Sound area, but thrilled that we are able to share this experience with them. They, too, are building a new home on a beautiful site in Washington, and they currently live in a home built by the Amelons. It's gorgeous, and, of course, very well made! This photo is looking east, adjacent to the raspberries that we got from our dinner guest's garden a few years ago.

The sun sets on Yum Yum Farm as the dinner party winds down. Alas, tomorrow is another work day, and we must take our rest. Sunsets out here are nearly always a soft, fluffy pastel drawing. Weather permitting, of course.

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