Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yuri's World

Please find pictured below the real man of the house--Yuri. This beautiful king of the Yum Yum Jungle is demonstrating the comfortable features of the Case Study bed in the bedroom. Note the Artemide Tolemeo reading lights on either side. It struck us recently that these exist, and we've not yet used them. So, one of these days, when the boxes are all unloaded, we're going to attempt to retire early and spend some time reading. In bed. We hope to accomplish this before the Social Security checks start arriving. Yuri continues his tour by directing our attention to the slatted wall that separates the bedroom from the living room. These boxes can be lifted off of the wall and repositioned to suit our needs. Right now, we're still figuring out where to empty our pockets at the end of the day.
Finally, Yuri concludes his tour with a view of the other side of the slatted wall. He is spending time with Ice Bat and Ugly Dog on the Blu Dot Couchoid Sofa. This is a sturdy and comfortable piece, covered in "vegetarian" leather (our name). It's not really leather, but it really seems like it. We became aware of Blu Dot furniture some time ago, and journeyed to Minneapolis about a year ago to try it out at their headquarters, and at the Walker Museum. Their motto resonates with us: "Good design is good". Indeed.

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Chad said...

Thanks for posting the great photos. I just read about your house in the most recent issue of Dwell, and thought I'd Google the name of your farm. Hope you don't mind. I promise I'm not a stalker. I would like to ask you a couple of questions about your house, if you don't mind. Here goes...

The interior ceiling finish looks to be plywood, which I think looks awesome. How did you treat the joint...I can see the joint, so the pieces must have something between them that spaces them consistently. Also, I'd love to see some more pics of the corrugated steel in the shower area, and how the joints and transitions to other wall surfaces were handled.

Again, I hope you don't mind the questions...sort of comes with being in a national magazine I suppose. Hope all is well.