Saturday, November 24, 2007

Look, Up In The Sky!

This certainly brightens things up! This shows the maple plywood applied to the ceiling, looking southeast from up in the loft. Many of the pictures that we gave John in the earliest stages of design featured cabins and houses that liberally utilized light colored woods on walls and ceilings. The feel is at once modern, clean, and warm.
Here's an up close and personal look at the maple ply on the ceiling in the dining porch. We especially enjoy this material here, as it mimics the colors of the landscape, and reflects the outside light. The holes in the ceiling will contain recessed or "can" lights, and the lovely Louis Poulsen pendant light will be hanging over the dining room table at the far end of this room.
Finally, we have contributed something to the Yum Yum Farm House! We picked up this shelving system last weekend, and installed it yesterday. What you're seeing is the south side of the wardrobe room, just off of the laundry room. This has been set up in this manner to reduce the amount of cat hair on dark colored clothing. Stay tuned for more details to appear in rapid succession over the next couple of weeks!

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Anonymous said...

hey, how about some new pictures. we see enough of the ceiling.
ha ha!