Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Shining Example

Go ahead, click on this picture. The chimney just over the peak of the roof will give you a little wink! This photographic miracle was accomplished by accidentally being in the right place at the right time. Kind of like the house--last night, the tornado sirens went off rather unexpectedly, and the super duper triple ultra pinpoint 24 hour doppler radar indicated a tornado to the southwest of Yum Yum Farm, heading toward it. While there apparently was a brief touchdown to the west, and some strong wind and rain, damage was minimal, and the location below escaped with only a lawn chair blown off the deck. We got nervous when the storm tracking software zoomed in so close that we could actually discern our little gravel road, so we didn't know for sure what we'd discover today. So, either the Yum Yum Farm house is incredibly sturdy, or the rotation didn't touch down around it. Nevertheless, the newly completed standing seam roof kept it dry. Nice work, Leon!
Here's a view of the shiny roof from the southwest (or the tornado's point of view). If you're ever flying in to Cedar Rapids from the south or south west, there's a good chance this will be visible. So have fun picking out this shiny-roofed building from every other shiny roof on every farm you fly over! Something about this view makes me want to put a pond right off the back of the house, and a ladder up to the peak of the roof. Yum Yum Water Slide!
This is the last part of the roof to be attached. The overhang above the east deck will keep weather off of the sliding door to the living room, and the kitchen window, and will conceal outdoor speakers. It also unifies the kitchen "bump-out" with the plane of the rest of the house.
Work will be accelerating now, with painting, floors, cabinet installations, piles of clothes, junk mail, and dirty dishes soon to follow!

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