Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Dan at Heartland Custom Woodworking has just about finished all of our cabinetry, and it's gorgeous! His craftsmanship and the level of finish is top notch, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Kudos also go to John DeForest who designed these beautiful cabinets. Thanks team! In the picture below, you'll find the following: at the bottom or front of the photo is the kitchen island, which will include storage space, the cooktop and ventilation system, and a small counter eating area. On top of it is the media cart, which will hold A/V equipment, and be located in the living room (or bedroom, since it has wheels!). The tall unit at the back will be on the north wall of the kitchen, with the refrigerator placed to the left. The large opening just to the right of the tall, thin cabinet will contain the two ovens. I put this picture first so you can expand it to examine the detail (for some reason, only the first picture on each post expands. If you want to see any pictures expanded, let us know in the "comment" section, and we'll place that picture in its own post. If you ask really nicely. Note the detail in the cabinet doors. Dan took care to match the grain of the wood on adjacent pieces, with such skill that the entire unit appears to have been cut from one piece of wood. The red on the side of the A/V cart is the red FinnForm, that you saw in an earlier post. If you were paying attention.

This is part of the desk/bookshelf that will enclose the loft on the east and south sides. What you see here will constitute the south "wall" of the loft, with space on top for office machines, etc., and below for books, files, nieces and nephews playing hide and seek, cats...
Here's the front view of the cooktop island. We've chosen to forgo handles and, instead, use cutouts that will never loosen, break, attack our funny bones, or simply look outdated (thanks John!). There is also a certain playful quality in these cabinets, which, we feel, reinforces our requirement that the Yum Yum Farm house be fun! Once again, note the continuity of the wood grain on the face of the island.

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Chad said...

Beautiful kitchen cabinetry. Thank you so much for posting these photos. Also, thanks for the info on the ceiling. You can ignore my earlier question on that. I'm assuming the reveal between the plywood pieces is about 1/4" or so?

I love the farmhouse look. I bought an old farm house on 3 acres with an old barn and other various outbuildings, and we're doing our best to raise/grow what we need. As we remodel the old space, I'm trying to do it with a modern bent. Your house is a great inspiration. I enjoy reading about your experiences.