Sunday, June 17, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

Well...still nothing new to report. Framers will be starting tomorrow (weather permitting, which, if the forecast is correct, it will not), so we thought we'd take this opportunity to show some of the items that are patiently awaiting installation in our home, but currently reside in various storage spots around Johson and Washington counties.

Remember the picture of that old house north of Amana a post or two ago? This is the interior, showing the subfloor that will become our finished floor in the process of removal. We've seen a finished piece, and believe it or not, it's gorgeous. The planks will be 5 to 5 1/2" wide, and will cover nearly all of the main floor and the loft.

These 2 pictures feature the very substantial old sink that will be in our main bathroom. We picked this up several years ago from Iowa City's Salvage Barn, an organization that rescues good materials and fixtures from old houses and buildings being razed or remodeled. We were told (although it's not been confirmed) that this sink is from the University of Iowa's Biology Building, and was removed during the remodeling process. We figured it was so cool that we had to have it. Not knowing what to do with it at first, it resided in our back yard growing herbs. It eventually occurred to us in the early stages of designing our house that with a little TLC, this could work really well in the main floor bathroom. So we had it refinished over the winter (by Bathcrest, and Premier Automotive--they did the base), and it turned out beautifully. It will be complemented by beautiful Chicago Faucets, mounted on the wall behind. These are before and after photos.

Finally, this is our other beautiful old bathroom fixture, contributed by our beloved Ohio relatives Greg, Brooke, and family. The renovation is also courtesy of Bathcrest and Premier Automotive in North Liberty. The blanket is to keep it from breaking the window on the truck. This lovely old bathtub will be enjoyed by our guests (and us) in the downstairs bathroom. By the way, if you've randomly stumbled upon this blog, and haven't figured it out yet, this project is taking place in east central Iowa.

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