Monday, June 25, 2007

I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes

EEEKKKK! Here's one of the things that we forgot about in our move to the country. Joanna valiantly fought off this giant Anaconda while I bravely zoomed in to photograph its attempts to devour us. While the picture may be deceiving, this was easily the size of my truck. But seriously, can any of you reptilophiles (is that a word?) identify this creature for us?

Here's a cool look at a more refined basement, with evening sun shining through the west windows. This is taken from the guest room, looking toward, from left to right, the mudroom, bathroom, mechanical room, and the stairs.

Now that the first floor is in place, this is the view from the dining porch, looking south. Without windows, of course. We can't wait to break bread with you at this location!

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Anonymous said...

yes, thanks for asking. it's a bull snake, which is non poisonous, and probably good to have on your farm. Keep up the good work! And be nicer to snakes.