Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Hunt for Red FinnForm

The hunt for this exotic building material took us to beautiful Chicago yesterday. This is a plywood called FinnForm, made in, you guessed it--Finland. FinnForm is a beautiful, sturdy product, that, appropriately, drew blood not once, but twice from Joanna's hands. I felt sorry for her, but hey, somebody's got to sit inside keeping an eye on things! Just kidding. FinnForm is one of the materials that will be used in the construction of interior storage such as closets, cabinets, and carts. One of the ways that we're staying within our budget is to do some of the transportation of materials ourselves. We're sufficiently tired of remodeling our current residence that we don't care to so much as look at a hammer, but the locations of some of the building materials are allowing us to gain a little something culturally, which explains the smiling picture of jazz legend Dave Brubeck. We had the good fortune to see Mr. Brubeck, who turned 86 in December, at the Chicago Symphony Center. We have enjoyed his music for some time, and one of the most joyous visions we have of ourselves in our new house is listening to his music filling the room with a fire crackling in the wood stove. Or a breeze coming off the porch. Or a gentle rain get the picture. Frank Lloyd Wright compared his architectural accomplishments to symphonies, and as we progress through this adventure, we can definitely see the similarities. We're in a rainy pattern, so not much to report. However, we may have a new basement floor!

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