Friday, May 18, 2007

"Concrete Wall in Verdant Field"

The forms have been removed and we now have a foundation! The first photo will give you an idea of what our house would look like following a tornado (I can say that because I am not superstitious!). This is a stunning spring in Iowa, with an ideal mix of light, soaking rain, sunshine, and warm but not hot temperatures. The corn sprouted today, and the fields in the distance will be tinted green in the next week. The second photo is looking to the southeast, where a number of young whitetails were eating foliage and trampling corn sprouts. How cute. The last photo looks directly south to where the basement will "walk out". The concrete slabs to the left will support a load-bearing wall down the center of the basement. This photo is taken from approximately the bottom of the (future) stairs. For those of you in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington, and other points less chilly than here, these walls (and the footings on which they rest) are at least four feet below grade to avoid heaving in the winter. And while winter can really suck here, we had a gorgeous snow cover here that made a great surface for nordic skiing. And hypothermia.

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john said...

Richard Serra eat your heart out!